Aug 25, 2021

3 min read

Online Data Entry Services Outsource with eDataMine

As the business grows, data management becomes more complicated. In order to help you easily obtain and retrieve business-critical data, or collect your data from various sources, eDataMine offers online data entry services. Our experts key in the data directly into the client’s online databases, cloud and web-based applications. Being in the field for over a decade, we offer a highly skilled team of professionals, state of the art infrastructure, the latest technological software and tools along strict security measures to efficiently manage your requirements. Being committed to achieving perfection in every project, we assure you that your project is well taken care of. It can be filling online forms and questionnaires, entering product data on eCommerce websites, or data entry for mailing lists, our experts can flawlessly complete the task while you focus on important business activities.

Data-driven strategizing is much more significant than it was before. It facilitates key strategies, inspires innovation, and enhance operational efficiency on many levels. And that’s why outsourcing trustworthy and precise online data entry services with us would be a smart choice for your business. Regardless of the work volume, we offer tailored and cost-effective online data entry services to a global client base since 2009. We assure you accuracy, safety, customization and a quick turnaround time at the best market rates.

Mentioned Here Is a Glimpse of the Work Procedure Developed by eDataMine.

Each client will have specific needs as per their specific field. And each requirement must be handled with a unique approach. After comprehending the client specifications, data volume and project size, we come up with a strategy concerning how the tasks will be carried out.

We receive the documents (hard copies, digital copies) in formats such as PDF, Excel, XML & Word docs. We thoroughly check the data to ensure its efficiency. In case of any missing information or any other error, clients are promptly informed. This step is very essential for the successful completion of the process.

We then begin the data entry process and we place each file in its separate format. All the guidelines are strictly followed. A proper workflow is ensured to avoid any delays.

As soon as the project gets completed, the data is placed into the formats of the client’s choice.

Strict quality measures are initiated to ensure 99.1% accuracy. Our experts will identify the errors, and correct them. Through the double-checking method, we make sure that the output is correct and complete.

Why Choose us?

We ensure absolute confidentiality and security of client data. It begins with state-of-the-art data entry procedures, secure virtual private networks, web servers, and non-disclosure agreements.

We offer a blend of experienced experts, the latest technology, attention to every detail and continuous quality checks to ensure a flawless output.

Our global clientele comprises business giants, mid-size companies, and small companies. Our projects cover a wide spectrum of industries across the world. Our tailored solutions meet international quality standards.

Our services are cost-effective. This enables you to save money while helping your employees to focus on core tasks.

Our skilled and experienced teams are capable to look after any work volume. We are competent in working with projects of all sizes.

We offer you reliable and quick online data entry services within a quick turnaround and at cost-effective prices. When you outsource, our experts deliver tailored solutions that align seamlessly with your business goals. Visit our website https://www.edatamine.com/ or write to us for a free trial- info@edatamine.com