Aug 18, 2021

3 min read

Types of Data Entry Services Outsource with eDataMine

Data Entry isn’t merely keying in the data from one format to the other because the data will always be in various formats like images, audio files, video files or even numerical format. Security of Business sensitive information is necessary. If you agree with that then, why are you still keeping your data in physical copies? Stored in a cabinet, they can get easily accessed by anyone or, the files can get damaged due to various reasons. You will never be able to recover the loss. Hence data entry requires precision, sufficient field knowledge and an eye for detail to ensure a flawless output.

On the other hand, if you outsource data entry services, you get a digital database in your choice of system or server. So it doesn’t take up office space, stays safely in a secured database, is accessed only by authorized personnel and the data can be referred to or recovered whenever needed. Comprehending this to the core, our data entry services ensure that the data, regardless of its format, get arranged, structured and categorized systematically to suit client requirements.

Document Data Entry
Insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, and finance are the fields that require a lot of document work daily. The documents invariably contain data that are sensitive and important for the references as well as analysis objectives.

Understanding this, eDataMine provides bespoke and cost-effective document data entry services that turn documents into a precise, coherent and useful format. From data input to error detection to database creation — we do it all.

Superior quality, absolute data security, tailored services at competitive rates within a quick turnaround is what we adhere to at eDataMine. Reach out to us for a free trial.

Online Data Entry
With the rise of new enterprises every day, the global data volume is eternally increasing. With the correct data, businesses gain a clearer and satisfactory knowledge of their processes, customers, and the market.

Data-driven strategizing is much more significant than it was before. It facilitates key strategies, inspires innovation, and enhance operational efficiency on many levels.

And that’s why outsourcing trustworthy and precise online data entry services with us would be a smart choice for your business. Regardless of the work volume, we offer tailored and cost-effective online data entry services to a global client base since 2009. We assure you accuracy, safety, customization and a quick turnaround time at the best market rates.

Image Data Entry
Do you know that apart from receipts, contracts, agreements, journals, newsletters, even images carry relevant data? Knowingly or unknowingly, businesses save their data in images. Thus, images, too, are a crucial data source. Processing the data from images is a task that requires careful & experienced hands. Companies do not always have the time and the resources to do this by themselves plus their team lacks the skill & experience.

We fulfil all your requirements through a comprehensive range of image data entry services. With experienced and skilled men power, the latest technology, and more than a decade of experience we offer customized and top quality solutions at the best market rates.

Product Data Entry
For the constant growth of an ecommerce site, it is vital to keep it updated with precise product details. Not doing that might push the store to extinction.

It takes a team of qualified, skilled, and experienced professionals to keep the store updated exactly as needed and that’s exactly what we offer you, product data entry services at the most competitive rates. Our tailored solutions efficiently manage your store while allowing your employees to focus on more important business matters.

Outsourcing with us ensures an enthralling online shopping experience for shoppers and also boosts the global presence and sales of the brand.

Bank on us for personalized and precise data entry services at the most competitive rates. Don’t put your crucial data in jeopardy. Outsource now. For a free trail visit our website edatamine.com or email info@edatamine.com